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Wrinkled ethics; portable irony needed

Parody, or just parrot-y? Such is the United States’ resolve to ensure governmental transparency and freedom of the press that it is hosting a symbolic event whose participants will congratulate one another upon the continued success of their respective ruling elites in simulating these virtues with sufficient verisimilitude to hoodwink an uninformed majority of their respective subjects.

The seal of the Department of Irony

This seal signifies the approval of the Department of Irony.
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Three jeers to all concerned, for they have belied what they extol. Until a skeptical mass media have access to the hidden machinations of our unelected elite and report honestly upon them to an educated public, the ideals of democracy and republic can be nothing more than phantasms. WikiLeaks merits every possible honor as a pragmatic protagonist in the cause of liberty, not a multinational conspiracy of governments and metanational corporations to calumniate its founder and obliterate the site.

Originally published as a review of a article about a U.S.-led media event honoring freedom of the press.

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