Last modified: 7:58 AM Saturday, 14 January 2017

TV ‘news’ losing its lustre?

Thanks perhaps in part to a well-earned reputation for mendacity, Fox “News” may be starting to lose effectiveness: The most recent reports suggest that the program chiefly appeals to an older audience, with an average viewer age of 65 and increasing.

Fox News: propaganda

Fox News: a long tradition of “reporting” with an agenda.
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However, since other news programs/channels also seem to suffer from this aging-viewer phenomenon, it is also possible that younger news-seekers are simply starting to abandon television as a primary information source, turning instead to the internet, where a wider range of news is available on demand, 24 hours a day, free and unmarred by continual advertising.

Since television lends itself far better to propaganda and manipulation than other media, I can only applaud this development. As a journalist, I find it encouraging that more people are beginning to see the flaws of a medium that puts a premium on passive, quasi-hypnotic “infotainment” and to follow world events in a format that permits a far deeper and more nuanced understanding. With both newspapers and radio fast fading into obsolescence, perhaps it’s time for television to follow them into the oubliette.

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