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She should be right at home

Reading a recent Newsmax article, I was startled to find Judith Miller’s byline appearing on another story advertised atop the page. But upon further reflection, I should not have been surprised, for Miller is a natural for Newsmax, which also brought discredit upon itself in April 2003 by claiming that missiles had been found in Iraq; this later turned out to be a fabrication, much to the embarrassment of conservatives who had cited the article as retroactive justification for the US’ invasion.

Judith Miller

Judith Miller: Is she proud that her name has now been verbed?
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There is nothing fundamentally wrong with such “journalism” as that exemplified by Miller, Newsmax and Fox News — as long as we all bear in mind that it is really fiction. And in this demimonde of wishful fantasy-as-reporting, Judith Miller will finally find her special skills put to the use for which they are so well fitted.

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