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Boteach, go teach thyself

It’s not hard to see that the winds at the Huffington Post have shifted, and by now, most of us know why. When you build a “liberal/progressive/anti-corporate” news site and then sell out to a corporation as right-wing and generally odious as AOL, two things become clear: You never really were a progressive (my old conservative friend, Sqreater, got this one right, too, and I was wrong to believe in Arianna’s professed change of principles), and any progressive thinking that may once have characterized your site’s content will be diluted or deleted, that the new owners may never suffer the mortification of being contradicted or exposed by their employees.

I expect that as this merger proceeds, the HuffPost’s unpaid left-wing bloggers (arguably the site’s most valuable asset) will do one of two things: Knuckle under or leave, to be replaced by more center-right feculence like what has noxiously oozed onto this page.

Boteach’s central observation — that Barack Obama missed an opportunity to break ties with Hosni Mubarak when the will of the Egyptian public became clear — is valid. However, to compare Obama unfavorably with George W. Bush on account of the latter’s purported commitment to freedom and democracy is to swallow the neoconservative bait — hook, dynamite and all. I suspect that, had Bush still been president, the Marines would now be maintaining “order” on behalf of a Mubarak whose opponents would soon begin to “disappear” one by one. Certainly, in any event, there is no cause to believe that Bush would have done more than has Obama to free Egypt of the tyrant with whom he maintained friendly relations for eight years of the latter’s three decades in power; indeed, as I have written elsewhere, the ruling elites may be reasonably expected to support one another whenever they can do so without deadly peril.

Thanks to Arianna Huffington’s act of media consolidation, I predict that the Huffington Post will soon be disfigured by many more such “analyses” written from the perspective of the neoconservative ruling elite. Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted.

Originally published as an adverse review of an AOL-HuffPo article berating Barack Obama for not being a freedom fighter like his predecessor.

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