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What’s new here, anyway?

That CNN, in an apparent bid to emulate Fox Snooze in its selection of “analysts,” should hire two Republican extremists to face one moderate Democrat is not precisely startling. CNN has been doing this for years now, and still has achieved nothing save to make itself absurd: To Fox viewers, it’s a washed-out photocopy of the lunatic propaganda to which they’re accustomed; to everyone else, it’s Fox Lite. It will therefore continue to receive exactly as much respect as it merits.

Given the corporate ownership, timidity about offending advertisers and mindlessly sensational, ratings-obsessed character of the rapidly consolidating US media (a market in which five corporations control virtually every outlet), I think it is useless to expect CNN to discover reason and integrity outside of a dictionary. Therefore I say: Let the mainstream media present as expert analysts the reanimated corpses of Jenghiz Khan, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Eichmann; let them make up lurid fantasies in lieu of news; let them progressively weed out every reporter, anchor or commentator who fails to fall into ideological lockstep.

We retain one invincible defense: Shut off the TV permanently, and get news free, without commercials and from a genuinely diverse range of viewpoints — this is among the cardinal virtues of the internet.

Originally published as a review of a article on CNN’s bizarre and biased hiring choices.

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