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American journalism, once the standard-bearer for objective reporting, has so declined in recent decades that most Americans say they don’t trust the media. One of the principal reasons cited for this loss of credibility is media consolidation: The nation’s broadcast networks belong to five giant corporations whose agendas determine what appears on the news, and those agendas often fundamentally conflict with the nominal mission of the journalistic profession: impartially to present news from around the world so that viewers can form educated opinions to guide their choices in trying to make our democratic republic work as it should.

Al-Jazeera news anchor Ghida Fakhry

Anchor Ghida Fakhry is just one of the reasons to demand Al-Jazeera English.
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It therefore seems that our media would immensely benefit from any measure we can take that would tend to dilute the control such corporations exert over the information we receive. And if there is a single most effective and dramatic step one person can take to help achieve more diversity, it is to demand that Al-Jazeera English be added to the nation’s cable offerings.

If you want to see for yourself what’s happening on the streets of Cairo, or in Haiti or Latin America — or even want to see a different angle on news within the US — forget the homogenized, sanitized, commercialized “product” that passes for news as presented by megaconglomerates that would like to shape what you know, think and believe. Now there’s a real alternative, one that’s respected throughout the world as our mainstream media are not: Al-Jazeera English.

Demand AJE. Demand real international reporting. And while you’re at it, demand Ghida Fakhry.

Originally published as a review of an article advising cable viewers on why and how to demand the addition of Al-Jazeera English to their choices. Update: As of 16 April 2015, this page is no longer available.

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