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Truman and Obama: The parallel stops here

I think this article is nonsensical. Not only does Barack Obama show no sign of the political will that distinguished “Give ’em hell Harry,” but I think in certain respects that’s just as well. This could be because the more I learn about Truman, the less I admire him.

Perhaps the two most consequential decisions of Truman’s presidency were also the worst. One, in August 1945, was to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, not so much, it now appears, to induce surrender (Japan was already prepared to surrender) as to menace the Russians who were closing in on Japan via the disputed Kuril Islands.

The other, three years later, was to endorse Zionism by awarding Jews their biblical homeland in territory that had been occupied by other ethnic groups for most of the preceding two millennia; he did this not on principle, but to win votes.

Had he set out to do real justice, he would indeed have given Jews a homeland — consisting of half of a depopulated Germany, with a warning to the Germans that any aggression against that homeland would result in their obliteration.

Originally published as a review of a article likening President Obama to Harry S Truman.

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